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    More Gloomy News To Add To This Gloomy Friday

    Ignore the Canadians fan, but this is how I feel about this lockout

    NEW YORK -- A day after labor talks stalled again between the NHL and the players' association, the league announced the cancellation of all regular-season games through Nov. 1.
    It is the second round of game cancellations since the lockout went into effect Sept. 19. Earlier this month, the NHL eliminated the first block of regular-season contests through Oct. 24. A total of 135 games are canceled, which amounts to 11 percent of the season.
    And more bad news appears to be on the way.
    The NHL is expected to make much more significant cancellations by the end of next week if a deal is not reached, a source with knowledge of the league's thinking told ESPNNewYork.com

    Excuse my language but this is just fucking fantastic! Greed ,greed and more greed. I hate rich people and this is example numero uno. Really you can't take 50% of the revenue and call it a day? Really because $1.5 billion isn't good enough. You want more. Sure the players said they would take the 50%, but we all know in the back of their minds they are pissed because they would be stooping to the owners level. I don't blame the players, they sacrifice everything to play a game, they were literally getting screwed over, 57% to 50% that's a significant  drop. Yes 50-50 is fair and that's the way it should be. But in my opinion this is all on the owners. When the players say they will take this cut as long as they get their current contracts that is reasonable, but then again when your dealing with multi millionaires nothing can be reasonable.

    Earlier this week I thought yes finally hockey. The game I grew to love will be coming back to me. I thought yes now I can watch something other than playoff baseball and college football. But nope, the NHL is making me gain utter hatred to this league, I will not wear any Bruins merchandise or buy any NHL merchandise for that matter. Maybe we the fans can show the NHL what we think and if they do come to their senses just not show up to the games, and don't buy their merchandise. Sure they can make the money off the television, but maybe this will teach them a lesson to stop being so fucking greedy.

    Sorry if I came off harsh, I'm just pissed off as I can imagine most of you are as well.
    As always feel free to leave your opinions a well, and we here at Bruins Life will keep you posted when more news hits. Enjoy your weekend and let's go Patriots, because that's all we have.