Keys To the Game

1) The players who have not been skating during the lock out can be taken advantage of by faster players. Players like Brad Marchand and Tyler Seguin can use their speed against the especially slow ill prepared players. This means Rich Peverly and Ryan Bourque will be especially dangerous.

2) The Rangers is the team I respect most in the NHL for one reason especially; they block shots. Something that could help Tuukka Rask untill he can get back into NHL shape. Overall goals per game went down in the 95-96 half season but great goal scorers could score even more. So Bruins players need to sacrifice the body and help out Tuukka as much as they can.
(Tyler Seguin, a man who can put up a point a game this season)
3) If the Bruins can avoid penalties they can win the game. Penalties will be deadly for two reasons. The first is that the Rangers are stacked offensively and no matter how well Bergeron can kill penalties; a power play line of Rick Nash, Brad Richards, and Marion Gaborik could destroy any penalty killing unit.

4) Big. Bad. Bruins. That is what the Bruins have to be versus the Rangers. The Rangers are a physical team but they have their fancy danglers as well who can be intimidated. For example, Rick Nash is a guy that if the Bruins can get to quickly, can be shut down for most of the game. As long as the Bruins play their style of game and do not get behind they can beat the Rangers.