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    Sausage Fest

    Tuesday night’s shootout victory over the Devils could have ended in horrific fashion for the Bruins. If Seguin wasn't filthy when no one else is on the ice and had missed his “second” breakaway attempt the B’s would have only received one point and lost the game.

    In a bizarre turn of events a spectator felt the need to hurl a sausage sub at Johan Hedberg while Tyler Seguin was breaking towards the net for his shootout attempt. As the meaty link sailed across the top of the crease behind Hedberg, Seguin had already beat him with a move to the forehand and a wrist shot glove side.

    Seguin was then stripped of his goal and required to shoot again due to a violation of Rule 24.4:

    If, while the penalty shot is being taken, a spectator throws any object onto the ice or, in the judgment of the Referee, interferes with the player taking the shot or the goalkeeper defending the shot, he shall permit the shot be taken again.

    Thankfully Seguin was able to score on the re-due and the incident did not affect the outcome of the game.

    There has been speculation on whether or not the perpetrator was a Devil’s fan trying to cause a ruckus. I've spoken with a couple people that were at the game and it turns out it was just a drunk kid with a sausage in his pants. Apparently this meat enthusiast was sitting towards the back of Loge 3 ranting and raving about how he was going to throw the sausage (which had been stored safely in his pocket since the second intermission) at Johan Hedberg. The Concessions close at some point during the third period so the culprit was clearly smuggling this sausage for quite some time if you factor in overtime and clock stoppages. Also the hoagie appeared mustard free which is a clear indication this crime was premeditated. Before the shootout got underway the mystery meat man was still claiming he was “gonna do it” and finally made his move. He scooted about ten rows closer to the ice and got ready for his moment of glory. Finally his time had come. As Seguin swiftly moved his way across the blue line towards the net the “sausage king” pulled out his meat and unloaded it onto the playing surface. The mashed up soggy sausage sub failed to make contact with Hedberg but still managed to make sports headlines and could have had a huge impact on the game.

    Here's a good look at the suspect

    The Boston P.D. are supposedly looking into it (aka act like we care until it goes away) but until this man is brought down fans will need to be on the look out for any suspicious activity involving meat in people’s pants.