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    The Tyler Seguin Apartment Saga

    Photoshopped picture from the Swiss magazine Blick

    NBC Sports
    Boston Bruins forward Tyler Seguin has angrily denied a report claiming he left his apartment in “shambles” upon leaving Swiss club HC Biel.
    “I was blown away with everything. I thought it was very unprofessional,” Seguin said, courtesy CSNNE. “I don’t want to talk about it too much, but everything [in the report] was 100 percent untrue.”
    On Wednesday, Deadspin passed along a story from Swiss newspaper Blick, a tabloid publication claiming it spoke with the cleaning company hired to clean up Seguin’s apartment.
    The translation of said story went like this:

    “The parquet floor was littered with coins worth 220 francs [$238],” Blick reported.

    Coca-cola bottles, garbage and dirty linen lay scattered across the floor, while rotten bananas were left on a table, the newspaper said.

    The bathroom was a shambles and the cleaning company spent a full day tidying the apartment.

    In December, when Seguin returned to America, the staff were met with a similar stiff challenge.

    Blick said the hockey player was “not versed in appliances” and as a result tried to wash his clothes in the dryer.

    “He also did not know how to operate the dishwasher . . . when he ran out of clean plates, glasses and cutlery, he bought plastic tableware.”

    Not sure if any one has been following this story that emerged yesterday, but I personally think it is hilarious. Seguin is a 20 year old kid living the dream, and Swiss media wants to tear him apart because he may or may not have kept his apartment messy.

    Yesterday Seguin tweeted this 
     All this house stuff is a bunch of crap. I do my laundry by myself quite often :) maybe I've called my mom twice about it #whohasnt
    Today, Seguin said that he did his laundry in teammate, Patrick Kane's, apartment and might have left some sour grapes behind.

    Again, this is just hilarious. I am a 19 year old college student and I can relate to everything that this article bashes. Leaving clothes lying around, too lazy to clean dishes so I use plastic etc.
    So whether or not Seguin is telling the truth, who cares hes 20 years old living on his own, what would you expect from a 20 year old living on his own?

    Let's just hope he keeps his focus and dominates on the ice.