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    Will Krejci Be Traded?

    Will the Bruins trade Krejci before the end of the season?

    Over the summer there was a lot of speculation over whether or not the Bruins would trade skilled, but sometimes inconsistent center David Krejci. One of the names linked to Krejci was Anaheim's Bobby Ryan.
    I weighed in on this back in July, when Chiarelli said he was not going to swap Krejci for Ryan. Well here is my take now that the season is about to start.

    In 08-09 Krejci posted a career high in points with 73 (22 Goals, 51 assists), In 09-'10 his production dropped to 52 points (17 goals, 35 assists), then in '10-'11 and '11-'12 his production slowly creeped back up to 62 points, 13 goals and 49 assists in '10-'11 and 23 goals and 39 assists in '11-'12.

    Ok so you look at those numbers and are probably saying Krejci produces a decent stat line. I'm not saying that he doesn't, I'm talking about the inconsistent play we see from him, especially from the 23 points he put up in the 2011 Stanley Cup run, to the lowsy 3 points he put up last year. Kreci was almost invisible against the Caps and was invisible in the Montreal series in 2011 with only 1 point, then got 9 points in the Philly series, 7 in the Tampa series and 6 in the finals against the Canucks. If you don't see it that's a down ward trend.

    Now let's look at the trade partner, Bobby Ryan. From the '08-'09 season to the '11-'12 season he has been pretty consistent stats wise, with 57, 64, 71, and 57 points. Now the stat that raises my eyes are his goal totals, 31, 35, 34, 31. Now those are solid numbers and that's the type of player the Bruins need. They need that player who we can rely on for a goal, we have enough play makers.

    Another point to make is the fact Ryan is a winger. Look at the proposed 1st and 2nd lines for this season:
    LW: Lucic C: Krejci RW: Horton
    LW: Marchand C: Bergeron RW: Seguin

    Now if we switched Krejci for Ryan we could put Seguin in his natrual position of Center, thus giving him the puck more and letting him make plays. We saw what he did over in Switzerland registering 25 goals and 15 assists in 29 games. That's 1.37 points per game. We could move Seguin to first line Center surrounded on the wings with Lucic and Horton or Ryan and then for the 2nd line center Bergeron with Marchand and Ryan or Horton.

    In no way am I saying I hate Krejci, in fact he's one of my favorite players on the team, along with Seguin, Lucic and Bergy, but I would not be opposed to trade him for a player as talented as Ryan. Ryan will let us put Seguin back at Center and give us another scoring threat.

    It's just a thought of something Chiarelli might consider this season, so what do Bruins fans think, would you trade Krejci for Bobby Ryan? Or would you rather keep the team as it is? Weigh in with your opinions in the comment section. And remember 8 days til the puck drops!