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    Bruins Powerplay Woes and Penalty Kill Dominance

    Hopefully we see a lot more of this during the powerplay

    I was listening to Felger and Mazz this afternoon and they mentioned how Chris Bourque leads the Bruins powerplay with 3 powerplay assists. I thought this was kind of funny, because a lot of the Boston media has been bashing Bourque for his poor play as of late.

    I went on to further evaluate the Bruins powerplay stats and came to a shocking discovery, they are not last in the league in Powerplay success!  Another funny thing I stumbled upon, is that the Bruins have the least amount of powerplay opportunities at 47 and have converted 7, for a whopping 14.9% success rate. Yes, that number is terrible, but compared to the other teams in the bottom of powerplay percentages, the Bruins have the best record, so they have that going for them.

    Another thing I noticed was the Bruins penalty kill has been outstanding. They have a 94.8% success rate which is just flat out ridiculous as they have killed off 55 of 58 short handed shifts. Because of their solid defense the Bruins stand at the top of the pack for Average Goals Allowed per game with 2.2, which again is really good.

    It would be nice to see the powerplay start clicking, especially during these next few months when the schedule really condenses. We will surely see some ups and downs within the next months, but if the Bruins can continue the strong defense along with mustering up the goals, which have been coming recently, they have a real shot of propelling to the top and staying there.