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    Bruins Trade Target: Danny Briere

    Could Flyer Danny Briere be headed to Boston?

    The new news coming out today is that the Bruins are interested in Philadelphia Flyers' forward Danny Briere. Briere, 35, has had some good seasons as a Flyer and Sabre, but he is most noted for his production during the playoffs. Throughout 108 career playoff games, Briere has tallied 109 points on 50 goals and 59 assists, for you math challenged individuals, that is a point a game and a goal basically every other game, something the Bruins could really use if they want to make a run at the Cup.

    The thing with Briere is the cap hit he will add. He currently has a cap hit of $6.5 million, but the intriguing part of Briere's contract is the fact that his salary is lower, as he will make $3million next year and $2 million the year after. The other thing with Briere is that he has a no-trade clause, and has stated:
    "I don't want to comment on anything at this point," Briere said. "Trades are not my department. I've been a Flyer for a long time. My heart belongs in Philadelphia with the Flyers. I can't see myself playing anywhere else." -TSN
    The other thing in relation to Briere, if he would waive his no-trade clause, is what would the Bruins have to give to obtain him? Today Felger and Mazz were talking about this mentioning the names Peverly and Kelly. However, Joe Haggerty tweeted this earlier:

    The Bruins do have a lot of young talent and if they brought in someone like Briere, they could fill that missing component of the third line (Bourque is not working).

    Joe Haggerty also added these players as names to watch, you can read his blog here:

    Jerome Iginla of the Calgary Flames (35 years old)
    Daniel Alfredsson of the Ottawa Senators (40 years old)
    Stephen Weiss of the Florida Panthers (29 years old)
    Ruslan Fedotenko of the Philadelphia Flyers (34 years old)
    Tyler Kennedy of the Pittsburg Penguins (26 years old)

    Personally, I wouldn't mind any of the above players added to the Bruins. In order of preference, Iginla and Alfredsson put stars in my eyes, but at what cost? The other 4 players would be nice role players, who could fill that void on the bottom lines.

    A side note, Peter Chiarelli was seen talking to Philly GM during the second intermission of last weeks Penguins vs Flyers game. Which raises the question if the Flyers are going to shop Briere or Fedotenko. More news to come.

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