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    Stanley Cup Champs

    Keys To The Game Vs. Ottawa

    One of the most like able teams in the NHL, the Ottawa Senators, will go up against one of the best teams in the NHL, the Boston Bruins, for the first time this season.

     The Senators are built much like the Bruins as opposed to a team like the Penguins. Instead of top heavy talent its a balanced mix of good players and young players. Like the Bruins the Senators have built off of a elite center (Spezza for Ottawa and Marc Savard did a lot for the Bruins) and a great defenseman (Now Karlsson for the Senators and ofcourse big man Zdeno Chara for the Bruins).

    So far this season the Senators are 12-6-2 and are 5th in the East behind the 4th place Bruins. The senators have been riddled with injuries in the lockout shortened season including star offensive defense man Erik Karlsson and starting goal tender Craig Anderson.

    1) Ben Bishop. In place of usual starter Craig Anderson is backup goalie Ben Bishop. Bishop is a massive 6'7 tender who was picked up in a tade with the St. Louis Blues. Bishop has 2.17 goals against average and a 4-2 record in Andersons absence. The Bruins should take advantage of the young goalie.

    2) Marchand The Little Ball of Fire. Marchand leads the Bruins with 10 goals and has been in all the right places at all the right times. The little ball of hate, the nose face killah, Marchmont no matter what you call him, Marchand has been the best Bruin on the ice this season by far. With Seguin and Horton looking like theyre finally getting back in top shape and Marchand becoming a great scorer the Bruins will have a much better offensive pressure.

    And maybe a new first line?