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    Is NoseFace the best goal scorer on the Bruins? (Poll)

    After their game tomorrow night, the Bruins will be a quarter of the way through the shortened 48 game season. Sitting pretty with only one regulation loss thus far, things are looking good for this Boston squad and they seem poised for a run.

    But one question that begs asking: is Brad "Rad" Marchand going to be the primary goal scorer for this year's team? Many (including myself) pegged this season as the one where Tyler Seguin would come out blazing, have a breakout year, and establish himself as a premier offensive talent in the NHL.

    But Seguin has gotten off to a bit of a slow start. He has had plenty of chances, but can't seem to find the back of the net, notching only 2 goals thus far, one being an empty netter. While he has tallied four assists and only has one less point than Marchand; NoseFace has scored seven goals so far this season, the most on the team. David Krejci and Nathan Horton are next with 4 a piece, Looch has 3, and then there is Seguin with two goals, along with Chara and Bergeron.

    Brad Marchand's last minute goal against the Rangers

    Furthermore, Marchand has established himself as a certified sniper. His score at the end of regulation in the thriller against the Rangers earlier this week was a true goal-scorer's goal. He had a split second to put the puck where it needed to be, and he did it. While Krejci leads the team in total points with eleven, as of now it looks like Marchand may be the most consistent offensive threat on the ice for this year's team.

    And this does not come as too much of a surprise. Last year, Marchand scored 28 goals in 76 games, good for second on the team to Seguin who had 29 in 81 games. If Seguin can turn it on and play to level we know he is capable of, the Bruins will be a force to reckon with offensivley. But right now it is his big-nosed counterpart lighting the lamp regularly.

    If Marchand goes on to have another fantastic offensive season this year, it may be time to start the conversation about whether he is an elite goal scorer, not just on the Bruins, but in the NHL (especially if he continues to improve). But I may getting a little bit ahead of myself with that. There is a still long time left in this not-so-long season.

    So, what do you think? Who is the best pure scorer on the team? Vote below.