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    Matt Cooke is at it Again

    Ottawa's Erik Karlsson is clearly in pain after receiving a skate to his achilles

    Matt Cooke, the infamous douche who knocked Marc Savard out of the league, ( that was kind of mean) and the culprit of many other cheap shots is back to his antics after "accidentally" cutting Ottawa's Erik Karlsson in the lower part of his leg during tonight's contest. Ottawa released a statement on twitter that the injury was a laceration to the achilles that requires surgery.

    If you watch the video it looks as if Cooke lifted his skate to gain leverage into his hit. I'm not going to say that he lifted the leg on purpose to cause pain, but knowing Matt Cooke's history it wouldn't surprise me one bit if this was on purpose.

    Tough blow for Ottawa. Karlsson is one of the top young players in the league. He had an outstanding season last year with 78 points as a defensemen, and had 10 points already in this shortened season.
    Ottawa is already down Jason Spezza.

    You always hate when you see something like this happens, but it plays into Boston's favor a little, as Ottawa is a little less tougher on paper. My thoughts go out to Karlsson and the Ottawa organization, anytime something like this happens it's a serious matter.

    Weigh in with your opinions on whether or not Matt Cooke purposely did this.