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    Tuukka shines in victory over Canadiens

    I said coming into the season that Tuukka is the key to the Bruins season. And tonight was a primary example of why. Rask stood on his head over the course of the game and denied countless scoring opportunities that the Canadians had. His play is what kept the game in check and allowed the Bruin's to come out with a much needed W against their rival.

    The power play continues to struggle and remains the team's primary concern going forward. In 30+ power play chances, The B's have been able to notch just 3 scores. Their seeming inability to capitalize on power play opportunities was a problem throughout last year, especially in the playoffs, and needs to be addressed by the coaching staff going forward.

    But that being said, there are far more encouraging signs for the Bruins than discouraging ones, most specifically the fact that Tuukka is proving to be the talented and reliable netminder we all hoped he would be this season. He has struggled against the Canadians in the past, but tonight he proved he is capable of showing up in big games in tough buildings.

     His great saves in this game are what allowed the Bruins to win tonight. PK Subban's goal gave the Habs an early lead, but even that can't be pinned on Tuukka because it came off a difficult deflection. If Tuukka can stay healthy and continue to play at the level has has been, this Bruin's team is destined for greatness.