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    After loss to the Penguins, Bruins need for offense becomes clear

    The Boston Bruins have a strong grip on the second spot in the North East division, leading Ottawa by 7 points and trailing Montreal by only 1. Other than a few missteps by the defense, there has not been much to critique. Tyler Seguin seems to have found his game having scored 4 times in the past 4 games. Tuukka Rask has answered any questions that may have remained about his ability to take and hold of the starting goaltender position. 3 of the 4 lines have been rolling for Claude. But, after last night’s 3-2 loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins, the Boston Bruins look as though they are hurting for one more offensive threat, one more piece to take the weight off the first and second lines and redistribute it to the 3rd.  Chris Bourque was not the answer. Jay Pandolfo is definitely not the answer. With the trade deadline less than three weeks away, there are a few free agents out there that may be a quick fix for the Boston Bruins.

    Unrestricted free-agent Jarome Iginla’s name has been on the lips of the Bruins faithful since the start of this abbreviated season. For the past 5 seasons Iginla has scored an average of 39 goals and tallied 45 assists. Two months into this season he is at a -3 with 7 goals and 12 helpers. The Calgary Flames are in the rebuilding process, plain and simple. Iginla, now 35, having spent his entire professional career in Calgary, is on the back end of his time in the NHL and does not have a ring to show for it. If the Flames are so attached to Iginla and want to build around the veteran, I’m sure the Bruins would be happy to sign him for the remainder of the season, utilize his skills in the playoffs, and then simply let him walk back to Calgary (maybe this a championship ring on his finger).

    Corey Perry, the Anaheim Ducks #1 winger and 2011 Hart trophy recipient, is a long-shot but not impossible. Anaheim had a tough decision to make having Perry and their team captain Ryan Getzlaf going into unrestricted free agency this year. Getzlaf got his contract, signing for 8 years, $66 million dollars. Perry has yet to see an offer from Anaheim. It would be a big investment for the Boston Bruins, as Perry is obviously looking for a multi-year contact worth at least $8 million, but the benefits would well outweigh the risks. With Tyler Seguin looking more and more like a centerman every game, putting a player like Corey Perry beside him would make the Bruins all that more dangerous.

    Florida Panthers forward Stephen Weiss would be a more characteristic signing for the Boston Bruins. A player like Weiss is wasting away in the black hole that is the Florida Panthers. At this point in the season he has only 1 goal and 3 assists. Who can really blame him with the team that is around him? Weiss has speed, great passing skills, and can certainly put the puck in the net when called upon. Watching him play, one could draw similarities in his game to the game of David Krecji. Even though Florida Panthers GM Dale Tallon has made his intentions to keep Weiss in the Florida system clear, it’s a good bet that Weiss may be tired of playing on a terrible team. Weiss just may be the cure for what ails the third line. The fact that he is a good all around player with a cap hit just over $3 million dollars make him a prime target for the Boston Bruins.