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    Excuses are like....

    Montreal celebrates a goal during their victory last night

     The Boston Bruins lost 4-3 to Montreal last night at the Garden and only have themselves to blame.

    After the game Coach called out the Canadiens for diving and embellishing penalties and basically blamed the loss on that. He went on the talk about the number of power plays that Montreal has had and how they’re an embarrassment to the game.

    Well in my opinion the Canadiens showed up to Boston and did exactly what they had to do to win. They broke down the Bruins mentally and took over the game.

    Everyone thinks it’s great that Chara stuck up for Seguin and acted as a true captain protecting his teammates. Well guess what?? That incident put Big Z in the box for 17 minutes and allowed the Habs to go ahead by a goal, play defensively for the rest of the game and get two points in regulation.

    Montreal knew damn well how to beat the Bruins last night. Get them all pissed off and force them to take penalties and misconducts that would cripple their lineup and allow Montreal to take advantage.

    The Bruins need to be tougher mentally and avoid getting all worked up because they think the Canadiens are taking dives and cheating. The B’s need to be “the bigger man” in these situations and do their chirping on the scoreboard not from the sin bin.