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    Bruins trade for Jaromir Jagr

    CBS Sports
    Word came down on Tuesday morning that the Dallas Stars were now indeed going to trade Jaromir Jagr and it didn't take long for it to happen. Jagr has reportedly been traded to the Boston Bruins for two prospects and a pick.

    The report comes from Stars beat writer Mike Heika of the Dallas Morning News.

    The moment it became clear that Jagr was not going to remain in Dallas after they failed to sign him to an extension, the Bruins became the obvious front-runner. They were looking for help on the wing in the form a veteran goal scorer and somebody who could help the power play. That's why they were so hard after Jarome Iginla before the Penguins beat them to the punch.

    It really seems like a natural fit. Jagr kind of fits the mold of a Bruins forward, doesn't he? A big body who is strong up against the boards and has some mileage on his tires. Frankly, he should fit right in, and fit in well.

    Remember, Jagr was the leading scorer in Dallas before this trade. He's still more than capable of producing offense in this league despite being 41. In the 34 games this season he played in Dallas he had 14 goals and 12 assists.

    Plus, he should be a big boost to the power play. That has been Boston'a achilles' heel for a few seasons now, Even when they won the Stanley Cup two years ago they were awful on the power play. They've tried numerous different things to get it going, perhaps adding Jagr will be the missing link.

    Adding the 41 year old former Penguin will make the Eastern Conference race a bit more interesting.