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    Stanley Cup Champs

    Keys To The Game Vs. Philly- So Are We Jagr's Sloppy Seconds?

    The Bruins face some tension today as they face one of Jagr's old teams the Philadelphia Flyers. Jagr has tried to avoid the drama though and didn't talk much to the Philly media. All he really said was that Philadelphia and Boston are a lot alike. Jagr said both cities know hockey and also know a lot about Baseball, Basketball, and Football.

    The Flyers are out of the playoffs but haven't checked out to the vacation homes and golf courses yet. Instead they are just trying to spoil the fun of all the other NHL teams. They're not going down without a fight and the Bruins can expect one tonight at the Well Fargo Center.

    As for the Bruins, the team continues to try and find their mojo just before the start of the playoffs. Tonight the Bruins will go at it with out Nathan Horton. Horton was hurt in the "fight" with Jarome Iginla. Horton supposedly hurt his hand. With no room on the roster, now isn't the best time for the struggling Horton to stay home with a hurt hand.

    Projected Line Ups:

    Marchand - Bergeron - Seguin
    Lucic - Krejci - Peverley
    Soderberg - Kelly - Jagr
    Paille - Campbell - Thornton

    Chara - Hamilton
    Seidenberg - Bartkowski
    Ference - Boychuk