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    All-Centennial Team

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    Stanley Cup Champs

    Bruins post-season begins tonight! Lets get jacked-up!

    It's that time again, boys and girls...

    I am, as most of you probably are, slightly apprehensive as I watch the clock tick down towards seven o'clock from my desk. My brain is a cacophony of  excitement, anticipation, anxiety, and most prominently, questions. Does Boston have anything left in the tank after an emotionally draining April? Can Tuukka Rask put the past behind him, ratchet up his game, and cement his name in the"clutch" category of  NHL goaltenders? Will Milan Lucic leave his traffic-cone Halloween costume at home and play to the caliber we all know he is totally capable of?

    Honestly, I think playing Toronto was and will be our only ticket out of the first round. Boston took three of four games played against the Leafs in the shortened regular season. Since he left the Boston, Phil Kessel, who was 7th in the league in points this year, has had his hair braided and make-up applied by the Bruins defense. And, as hard as is it to believe, after watching the Leafs limp-wristedly swat at opponents for years, Toronto has become a hard hitting team. The Leafs registered 1626 hits this year and took first in the category. This aspect alone plays into the Bruins hands perfectly. Maybe if Toronto starts provoking the likes of Milan Lucic, Nathan Horton, or Brad Marchand, the team will finally wake up and start playing the physical game that lead them to a Stanley Cup in 2011.

    So, in light of not having the answers to any of the questions I posed, I will leave you with some YouTube videos as a reminder to the type of whirlwind thunder-fuck the Stanley Cup playoffs truly are.

    I'll meet you on the other side.