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    Bruins vs Blackhawks: Keys To Game 3

    After splitting the series on the road it's finally time for a home game for the Boston Bruins. The Bruins had a chance to win both road games but only came away with one win when Paille scored in the overtime of game two.

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    Now the Bruins have a chance to go up in the series at home. The Bruins cant afford to waste the next two games or their chances of winning the series will be in jeopardy. So for the Bruins to win they'll have to follow a few key guide lines to their game.

    1) Chris Kelly. Kelly scored the first goal for the Bruins in game two that tied the game. Kelly has been slumping all season and if he wants to remain in Boston he has to keep playing like he did tonight. Kelly's regular season line mate Rich Peverley has been awful all season and awful all playoffs. As Peverley continues to bid for a ticket strait out of Boston, Kelly needs to continue to help out Paille and Seguin.

    2) Chicago Superstars. The Bruins will need to continue to shut down the Blackhawks star players like Teows, Kane, Sharp, and Hossa. The Blackhawks have a lot of scary players who have only been shut down thanks to stud Tuukka Rask and the top pair of defensemen Zdeno Chara and Dennis Siedenberg. If any of the Blackhawks players get hot then the Bruins will be in a lot of trouble and so they have to continue to shot down the stars.

    3) Penalty Kill. The Bruins need to try and stay off of the penalty kill as much as possible. The Blackhawks have a tremendous power play unit and if the PK unit has to go out their a lot then the Bruins won't be up to snuff and Chicago could get an easy goal.

    Projected Lines:



    Tuukka Rask 

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