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    Tomas Vokoun will start tonight and the Bruins are salivating

    Photo via Boston.com
    Scott Levesque
    Content Manager

    I can only imagine what was going through the mind of Tomas Vokoun as he sat bewildered on the Pittsburgh bench. Confused by the barrage of gold and black flying through his crease like the B's were invited to an open house, Vokoun had no response to the Bruins attack on Monday night and was subsequently pulled by Pittsburgh coach Dan Bylsma during the first period of play.

    If anything he can take some comfort in the fact that his counterpart Marc-Andre Fleury could not capitalize on an open invitation to take over the starting job. A job that's been given back to the struggling Vokoun as the Penguins ready themselves to square off against the Bruins in
    game three tonight in Boston.

    "I'm looking for a solid game from our goaltender and we've gotten that from Tomas in virtually every game he's played,,” said coach Dan Bylsma. “He's done that for us and that's what we need tonight. We don't need perfection. We're looking for a solid game from our man between the pipes to allow our team to win the hockey game.”

    At this point Vokoun's psyche is about as fragile as when Edward Norton found out he was actually Tyler Durden in Fight Club - we all know how that played out.

    For the B's to go up 3-0 in this series they'll have to capitalize on Vokoun's fragile state of mind, and not rely so heavily on the current momentum that continues to bleed black and gold.

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