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    Claude Julien clears the air regarding Tyler Seguin

    As most reading this will know, July 2013 has been quite the month for the Boston Bruins. With the departure of first line right-winger, Nathan Horton, I was so sure #19 would remain in Boston I took to the internet and wrote an article about Seguin's future with the Bruins Organization (read it here). Three days later, Tyler Seguin, the Boston Bruins 2010 first-round pick, was packed up with Rich "High-Glass" Peverly and Ryan Button and sent to the Dallas Stars.

    Needless to say, I was (at first) a little less than thrilled.

    Days went by and in true New England professional sports coverage fashion any and all skeletons were exhumed from Tyler's closet. The Boston Herald reported, as the trade had just been finalized, during the butt-puckering Toronto series, Seguin was forced to live in a hotel room with a security guard posted outside his door. Apparently, Tyler had a taste for the nightlife in his hometown of Toronto. It was also reported he would often saunter into morning skate wearing the same clothes he had on the night before.

    Classy. As. Fuck.

    Honestly, the best by far was the "Cape Cod Trade Party".

    As the rumor mill began to spin about his
    possible trade to Dallas due to a less-than-satisfactory maturity level, this kid is on the Cape throwing back blue solo cups full of what I can only hope is Pabst Blue Ribbon and grinding all over the most stereotypical "cape" girl I've ever laid eyes on. This classy broad then posts the pictures to Twitter with the following: #thouseparty, #rage, #tylerseguin, #tradeparty (see picture to the right).

    Tyler, you're a millionaire, guy. You've accomplished more in 21 years than I probably ever will in my entire life. I'm 100% sure you can find better company than the human garbage that slithers around Cape Cod in July.

    The deal was done. Seguin and Peverly said goodbye to any chance at a spot in the playoffs for the next few years, packed up, and headed to hallowed grounds of the American Airlines Center in Dallas. When asked about the trade, the Bruins Skipper had this to say:
    "Everybody as a 21-year-old doesn’t always have the maturity to be a professional, whether it’s in the gym, here or there. You work with all those young guys the same way. Do different players have different challenges? Absolutely."
    “There was no issue between Tyler and I, and I’m not afraid to say it. You guys can ask him at some point. There were no issues there. I worked with him as a hockey player, I dealt with him as a person. With everything else, there were never any issues that I know about, anyway. I thought we had a good relationship.”
    Yeah, OK, Claude. I witnessed more than once that giant vein in your forehead swell to near aneurysm status while you stood behind Seguin on the bench. It was obvious to most Bruins fans that Tyler was not a good fit in Julien's system. Tyler is a skilled, finesse-driven, player. But so is David Krecji, you say? Well, another thing I'm sure of is that David Krecji isn't bar hopping and waking up with patches of artificial tan residue all over him during the fucking NHL playoffs.

    This decision was made because of Tyler Seguin's maturity level, plain and simple and from his comments, Claude doesn't seem to have a problem with Seguin's lifestyle. More power to him, he says. He just isn't going to tolerate 0 point streaks from a guy that smells like warm Bud Light and peach lip gloss.

    Sincerely, I wish the kid the best in Dallas. Hope he lights it up. Maybe in some alternate universe, in another time, in another place, the Bruins will meet the Stars for the Stanley Cup. Until Hell freezes over, I'll be keeping my eye out and my ear to the ground for more Tyler Seguin shenanigans.

    Stay golden, Pony Boy. Stay golden. 

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