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    Panthers' Winchester suspended 3 games for hit on Kelly

    Add another to the Shanaban List.

    Florida Panthers center Jesse Winchester was suspended for three games by the NHL for his elbow to Bruins forward Chris Kelly.

    Three games is rather significant, as a hit like this in previous years probably would not have seen more than two. Combine that with the fact that Winchester has never been fined or suspended at any point in his career, it is a clear example of the shift in how the NHL views these hits. It seems the time of giving players the benefit of the doubt is gone, which is ultimately good for the sport.

    Hits like this one have nothing to do with toughness or playing the game on the edge. Flying elbows do not fly anymore with the NHL. It's good to see the progress they've made since they gave Brendan Shanahan the power to do what he does.