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    Bruins vs Flames: keys to the game

    Jarome Iginlas will play hist first game against his old team the Calgary Flames tonight. Iginla departed ways with Calgary last season during the trade deadline. We all remember that night, reports said Iginla was traded to Boston, but no he really chose Pittsburgh.

    But thats ancient history, I guess, and tonight the 20-8-2 Bruins will play the 11-14-4 Flames. The Bruins biggest struggle is the injury problems. Though Boychuck could be back tonight, Kelly and McQuaid are still injured, Loui Eriksson was put on the IR, and Thornton is awaiting a double digit suspension.

    So how can the B's win with these injuries? Well they're the Bruins.


    1) Marchand and Smith?: Marchand hasn't been performing this season like the Bruins need him to. Marchand and Seguin where the Bruins top goal scorers in the regular season. With Eriksson as his line mate Marchand has floundered. But maybe now with Smith as his line mate, another young player, Marchand can start to perform.

    2) Revenge Of Calgary: Calgary has remained decent, with no help from their GM, and its always possible they could make a playoff push. Nothing would give the Flames that drive more than beating Jarome Iginla. While Jarome has done a lot for Calgary and they still love him, it would mean a lot to prove to themselves that they can win without him.

    Projected Lines


    Tuukka Rask
    Chad Johnson