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    Bergeron not worried about Sochi security (or lack thereof)

    Patrice Bergeron and four other Boston Bruins will be making the trip to Sochi, Russia in a few weeks to play in the Winter Games. That's the easy part.
    photo via cbs.boston.com

    The hard part is dealing with the dark, looming specter in the shadows of Sochi, the one that has cast quite a worry over the Winter Games: threats of a terrorist attack on the world-stage event.

    Speaking to the Boston Herald about the matter, Bergeron stated he was not particularly worried about the potential breach in Russia's security defenses, and that all he's focused on is trying to win a medal for Canada.

    It is scary to some extent. I'm not necessarily concerned about it right now. I don't feel that my own personal security is going to be in jeopardy over there, so I feel fine about going...I'm still focused on playing the games here. It's still a few weeks away and we [the Bruins] have a lot of games left...

    Even if Bergeron may be deflecting his true feelings about just how much he distrusts the potential safety issues, the fact that his family is not making the trip to Sochi speaks for that in its own way. The Bergeron family made the trip to Vancouver for the 2010 Games, but their reasons for skipping out on the '14 Games may be a few bullet points long.

    My family, my wife, my brother went to Vancouver, but they're not going this time. I've got to say security is a part of it. I wanted to worry about my game and my team, and I didn't want to have any other distractions...With the terrorist threats, it actually blows my mind that people could consider attacking the Olympics. It's sad that it comes to that...You work so hard to get there. It's sad that this could happen...

    Through it all, Bergeron still maintains a positive mind on the Games, and hopes that he can enjoy the experience enough to have a good time, and of course perform well on the ice come game-time.

    It's still a huge honor to go to the Olympics. I'm focused on the Bruins right now, but I'm really excited about Sochi. I'm really looking forward to it...I don't know if anything could change my mind. You obviously don't want to heat about anything happening. That's the last thing you want to hear. But I feel like the security there is going to handle it... 

    The opening ceremony for the Winter Games will be on February 7th, with the first game for Bergeron and the rest of Team Canada the 13th versus Norway.

    Quotes via: Harris, Steve. "Sochi Not Put on Ice." Boston Herald [Boston] 21 Jan. 2014: 7+. Print.