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    Bruins vs Sharks: Eriksson and Thornton are back!

    Thats right folks, Loui Eriksson will be back from his injury and Shawn Thornton is coming back from his suspension. Thornton will join the merlot line once again and Eriksson will join the third line with his fellow Swede Carl Soderberg and the speedster Ryan Spooner.

    It'll be nice for the Bruins to get some normal guys back on the ice. Though Eriksson and Thornton wont help out much with the Bruins defensive problems, their presence will calm the Bruins down, and especially Thornton who is crucial in the Bruins clubhouse.

    But tonight their opponent is another very tough team, the San Jose Sharks. It's going to be a very tough game for the B's. The Sharks are 16-1-3 at home and the Bruins are 10-10 on the road just showing how tough of a game it'll be. The Bruins will have to slow the game down and grind it out against the highly offensively talented Sharks.

    Main Key To The Game:

    -The Bruins defense is going to be without Johnny Boychuck tonight who went back to Boston where he is awaiting the birth of twins. That means the Bruins are down another defensemen and if you looked at the Bruins defense this year a year ago you would think we were rebuilding. The Bruins defense is going to struggle against the San Jose Sharks and its going to come down to the Bruins forwards chipping in and helping the defense. 

    Projected Lines


    Tuukka Rask
    Chad Johnson