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    Chad Johnson Plays part of Second Period with one contact

         Chad Johnson had it rough enough when the stick (or tree, if I may) of Zdeno Chara slipped right through his mask, and struck him in the eye. The event left the goaltender with a pretty respectable gash below his left eye, which took a bit for the trainers to fix up.

         To make matters worse, we learned after the game that one of his contacts was knocked out from the blow, leaving Johnson with one bloody, messed up eye. But this is hockey, and CJ decided he'd be able to struggle through it.

    As Pepper says in Dodgeball:  "He won't be able to see very well through that Cotton." However,  Johnson was up for the challenge.

         Now I don't know how many of you wear contacts, nor do I know his prescription, but I do know one thing for sure. That's impressive! I wear contacts myself, and I know that losing one completely screws with your vision.... everything gets crossed up and disoriented. It's not a fun situation. But, Johnson made the best of it, and continued to make 6 more saves in the second frame, all with one contact.

    “There was like seven minutes left in the period, so I just kind of said, ‘Screw it,’ ” Johnson told reporters following the game.
         This is just one of the strange events that has taken place at a Bruins game of late, alongside Boychuk's pummeling hit that sent Van Riemsdyk's glove into the crowd at TD Garden.

         As I tweeted last night, I'll be equally impressed when we create a camera that's good enough to see the contact lens falling out.

         I have now dubbed him "One Lens Johnson."

         Good work, CJ.

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