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    Video: Boychuck and Miller destroying hapless souls over the weekend

    It was a good weekend for huge hits.

    Bruins defenseman Johnny Boychuck was taking no prisoners Saturday versus the Bolts, as he straight up body slammed poor Tyler Johnson with half a minute to go in the third period.

    Boychuck is well-known for his huge body-checks in open ice, but this hit was a different take on his amazing strength. Boychuck got the leverage on Johnson and drove him off the end-boards and onto the ice.

    Kevan Miller did more of the same on Sunday, sending Brandon Pirri flying with another awesome body-check. Miller gets the angle right on Pirri as both are heading into the corner, and it was Miller who got the better of the encounter, in case there was any debate on the matter.

    The best thing about both of these hits is that there were no penalties called. No roughing, no cross-checking, no boarding. The refs were able to let these hits go as fair play, which they rightly were. It's good to see that there is still room for big-time body checks that aren't ruined by unwarranted calls.