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    Bruins vs Red Wings: game 4 - Zetterberg is back

    Game Time: 8:00 Pm
    Venue: Joe Louis Arena - Detroit
    TV Station: NESN

    The Bruins are leading the series, which is great, because Henrik Zetterberg is entering the lineup for Detroit tonight. He may only be limited to 10-12 minutes in tonight's game but on home ice it should be a huge moral boost to both the Detroit fans and the Wings players.

    Keys To The Game

    1) Keep The Pressure On Howard: Every hockey expert out there is saying it, but any hockey fan can see it, Jimmy Howard needs to be the one to steal a game for the Detroit Red Wings. The Wings aren't playing good enough in front of Howard, but as we saw in game one, he can turn it on and shut the B's out. The Bruins need to keep the pressure on Howard and the Wings defense.

    2) Defense Wins Championships: Yes defense does win championships. Yes the Bruins are playing spectacular defense. Which is why the Bruins should take more chances tonight to score goals and win the game. If the Bruins can win this game than they will have a choke hold on the Wings going back to Boston.

    Projected Lines


    Tuukka Rask
    Chad Johnson