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    Crappy Bruins fan draws Jordan Caron for 'Shirts Off Our Backs,' proceeds to hate life afterwards

    On Saturday after the Bruins beat the Buffalo Sabres 4-1 to clinch the Presidents' Trophy, they, as they do ever year in their final home game of the season, handout their game-worn jerseys to an assortment of lucky fans on ice.

    Fans can't control themselves as they anxiously await pulling a name from their envelope and getting to take home a piece of memorabilia that'll last a lifetime. And when they do get it, they are overcome with joy and excitement.

    Well, most fans are.

    Take for instance the fan who drew Jordan Caron. Her incredibly awful reaction, including her half-faint and mock cheer after discovering Caron's name is embarrassing, and it was caught on camera for all to see.

    Skip ahead to the 3:45 mark.

    We understand that Caron is not Patrice Bergeron or Milan Lucic or Zdeno Chara. But for the people that are lucky enough to receive a game-worn jersey from a player on their favorite team, you should be thrilled to get anybody's name. Being handed a sweater from a player and connecting with them for that minute or two makes you a fan of the human being, a fan of the person beyond the uniform they wear.

    Too many people today root for the laundry. They're on your team, you love them. They leave the team, you could care less for them. If you are able to connect with that person beyond just asking them to score a goal from your couch, you become a fan of them for life.

    I guarantee that the people who have won the jersey's of players no longer on the Bruins still have them, and they still root for the individual to be successful in their playing career, if they still are.

    Jordan Caron is not my favorite player on the Bruins, but the last thing I would do is groan and roll my eyes if I was ever lucky enough to be in her position.

    Hopefully the woman who won Caron's jersey realizes how big of an asshat she looked like when she was caught on camera. If she doesn't want the jersey, I'll be glad to take it off her hands.