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    Detroit Head Coach Mike Babcock Praises Julien, Bergeron, Bruins

    Photo via qmiphotos.photoshelter.com
         With the Red Wings coming into town for
    Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals, Mike Babcock, the Head Coach of the Detroit Red Wings, had nothing but kind words for Claude Julien, Patrice Bergeron, and the Bruins organization as a whole.

         Babcock worked with Julien and Bergeron during the 2014 Olympic Winter Games, in which Babcock was the Head Coach of Team Canada, with Julien as part of his staff. Obviously, Bergeron played a large role on Team Canada, and Babcock noticed.

    “Bergeron is one of the best players in the world." Babcock said. "What Bergeron does, like Jonathan Toews, like Pavel Datsyuk, they do it right. And so they make other people do it right, not by talking, but by doing it right.”

         Babcock also spoke about Claude Julien, and the Bruins organization as a whole.

    “He’s (Julien) a good coach, he’s a good man, he’s a real good person. I’ve known him a long time. He’s coached in a lot of places and has done a good job everywhere he’s been. He’s patient. I think he knows players. I thought he was real good with me and the players on the bench in games. He gave me someone to bounce stuff off of, he gave me some ideas. He was real good with the penalty kill. We had a real good staff. Really high-end coaches who had a lot of fun and enjoyed ourselves and worked hard at the same time. I think his team is a real good reflection of that. They’ve got good leadership in Bergeron and Chara. They’re really good people and they do things right. I think that’s a reflection of the whole organization.”

         The upcoming series will showcase two legendary Original-Six Hockey teams, who are cherished by their fan-bases. Get ready for some very, very good playoff hockey.

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