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    Down with the sickness: Miller spent time in hospital dealing with stomach flu

    After missing practice throughout the week and Game 1 due to a stomach virus, Bruins defenseman Kevan Miller revealed after the Game 2 on Sunday just how bad his situation was towards the end of the last week, a situation that kept him from playing on Friday and instead had him parked on his couch at home.
    Miller's physicality was missed in Game 1. He returned in Game 2 ready to roll (via ESPN.com)

    Miller was hospitalized Thursday night with the same gastrointestinal virus that spread throughout the Bruins' locker room last week. Miller and fellow blueliner Matt Bartkowski seemingly caught the worst of the virus, as the two players missed practice through the week and in the case of Bartkowski, both Games 1 and 2. 

    Miller provided the details on his brush in with the sickness, saying that he was in such rough shape on Thursday that after practicing with the team, he stayed overnight in the hospital and wasn't able to eat solid food again until Friday at noon. Doctors even suspected that Miller may have had pancreatitis based on the results from his tests. His body eventually stabilized after receiving IV fluids and another night's sleep.

    Miller detailed the ordeal Sunday:

    I ended up in the hospital. There were a couple of guys that had it pretty bad. I've had a couple of days not feeling great and I'm still trying to put all the food back in, but I wanted to make sure I'd be able to play once I told them I was ready to go...It was tough to watch from my couch on Friday, so the adrenaline was definitely pumping once I got out in front of the crowd...But it was pretty scary for me, to be honest with you. It was a scary situation. I'm just glad that I'm okay now

    Miller giving the details to the extent of the virus that has disrupted the players gives a bit of perspective when fans, and this guy, where perplexed about how the flu could keep them out of Stanley Cup playoff games. Now, we can see things got rather intense in the case of Miller when he did his best to overcome the virus.

    Getting Miller back in uniform for Game 2 was key in the Bruins' 4-1 win over the Red Wings, as Miller and the B's reestablished their trademark physicality in the contest, with Miller finishing the day tied for second on the team with four hits while logging 19:52 in ice-time. 

    As for Matt Bartkowski, coach Claude Julien provided no update on his status for Tuesday night's Game 3, but did say that he was getting closer to a return and will travel with the team.