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    Is this really going to happen...?: Seidenberg skates for first time since injury

    In  the story that seems too improbable to believe yet too impossible to ignore, the latest bit of news is sure to push everyone into a frenzy.

    The Boston Herald's Steve Conroy reported today that injured Bruins defenseman Dennis Seidenberg skated for the first time since undergoing knee surgery back in December, meaning a return to action this season is still possible for the 32-year old German defenseman.
    DS44 skated yesterday for the first time since tearing both his ACL and MCL in Dec. (via spkeo.com)

    Seidenberg skated for about 15 minutes at the Bruins' practice facility, Ristuccia Arena in Wilmington. It is not known how well the knee held up in the time on the ice or how strenuous the skating was for Seidenberg.

    There is still no timetable for a possible return for Seidenberg.

    That being said, I still cannot believe this is a possibility The man tore both his ACL and MCL on December 27. That's less than four months ago. Those injuries can take a whole calender-year to come back from. I understand how rehabilitation programs and medicine today are much more advanced than 10 years ago, or even five years ago, but to have Seidenberg come back in the same year he tore up his knee would be #1 on the most incredible things I've seen. Simply talking about the chance it could happen seems impossible.

    Things would need to break totally perfect for Seidenberg to make a return. Boston would need to make the Eastern Conference Finals at least, and Seidenberg would have to prove that he is fit enough to take the physical tole of playing playoff hockey over the other defensemen on the team. The Bruins are not going to wheel out Dennis Seidenberg at 50% and see him crumble under one leg when he hits the ice.

    Since creeping up last month, this story has not been put to bed by the Bruins organization, and Bruins fans have not allowed it to die, either. Conroy's report simply adds 10 more gallons of gasoline onto the fire.

    Conroy also reported that Adam McQuaid, the other Bruins d-man dealing with an injury, skated yesterday as well. McQuaid hasn't played since January 19, as a quad injury has kept him out of action for almost three months now. As with Seidenberg, there is no timetable set for a possible return for McQuaid.