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    Isles rookie Justin Johnson KO's John Scott much to the delight of everyone

    Last night's game between the Buffalo Sabres and the New York Islanders had little meaning in terms of significance for either side. The two teams had bad years (the Sabres worst in the NHL) and the meeting was the last on 2013-14 schedule for both.
    What Johnson lacks in size he certainly doesn't lack in confidence (photo via hockeyfights.com)

    The Islanders called up a ton of players to get some NHL action in the last games of their season, and 32-year old rookie Justin Johnson was one of them.

    Playing in only his second-career NHL game, the Anchorage, Alaska native took on The Last Remaining Goon, John Scott, trying to earn his stripes as a pro. After a pregame chat, Johnson and the hulking, sorry excuse for a hockey player Scott, decided to drop the gloves two minutes into the first period. I guess Scott hadn't filled his quota for the year after getting into it for no reason with Milan Lucic and Zdeno Chara the day before on Saturday.

    Johnson stands 6' 1" at 220 pounds. John Scott is 6' 8,' 259 pounds. And Johnson KO'd him into next week.

    Boy, that is one glorious left-hook. Justin Johnson did right by hockey fans everywhere in giving Scott a heavy, HEAVY does of his own medicine.