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    Rask nearly hit with an octopus during national anthem (GIF)

         Tuesday was a very good day for Tuukka Rask and the Boston Bruins. Rask posted a shutout, and the Bruins took a 2-1 lead in the series over the Red Wings with a gorgeous 3-0 victory in Detroit. Seeing as it was the first playoff game in Detroit this season, the fans came a bit rowdy, and, as is customary in Detroit, they sent their octopi flying over the glass, and onto the ice... some closer to goaltenders than others.

         While listening to the national anthem, Rask was nearly struck by a flying octopus (didn't expect to type that sentence... ever). Check it out in the GIF below via @PeteBlackburn on twitter.


         That would not have been a lovely start to the game.

    courtesy of nesn.com

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