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    Mayor Walsh trolls Montreal, flies tiny Habs flag in front of City Hall

    Before the second round matchup between the Bruins and the Habs, both Boston Mayor Marty Walsh and Montreal Mayor Denis Corderre wagered a friendly bet on the outcome of the series: the losing city had to fly the opposing team's flag in front of their city hall.

    Well, we know how the series ended, leaving Mayor Walsh with no choice but to honor his side of the bet.

    Mayor Walsh finally made due on the fact, flying the Canadiens flag at City Hall Plaza yesterday.

     How much do I love this? Where to begin...

    First, Walsh took the picture sideways, leaving all of the Canadiens fans aiming to bask in the glory having to turn their heads or their phones to take in the scene. A minor inconvenience that goes a long way.

    Second, you need a telescope to actually see the flag for what it is. Hey, I didn't see anything in the original bet that stated a standard size was required. Shame on Corderre for not establishing parameters.

    Lastly, the flag is flown at half-mast! Those repulsive colors should never see the mountain top in Boston, and Mayor Walsh made sure of that by flying it just below the top of the pole. Again, where were the guidelines, Montreal?

    The greatest rivalry in sports doesn't come without it's utterly ridiculous episodes between the two cities both on and off the ice. Shawn Thornton spraying P.K. Subban with a water bottle? Novice. Canadiens fans refusing to buy Boston Kreme donuts during Round 2? Petty.

    The Mayor of Boston fudging with the terms of a bet made between his counterpart in Montreal to crap on the Canadiens just a little bit more? That's the big leagues right there.

    *Update:* As it turns out, it was actually Mayor Corderre who sent the flag to Mayor Walsh. I thought Montreal had more pride than that, eh?

    Regardless, two of my three love-points remain. Good enough for us!