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    Stanley Cup Champs

    Playoffs day 14: Game 7 triple-header: Rags and Wild advance, LA completes 0-3 series comeback

    On Wednesday, for the first time in 11 years, the NHL saw three Game 7's played on the same night, one after another. Or more like one, then two overlapping.

    Because of that, I missed Anze Kopitar's what-proved-to-be-the-game-winning goal late in the second period, and an hour and a half later, as I was watching the Sharks complete their meltdown, I missed Nino Niederreiter's game-winner in OT by two seconds. Thanks a lot, NHL.

    In the early game, New York Rangers eliminated the Philadelphia Flyers at MSG. Sucks, I really wanted to see the Pens and Flyers beat the hell out of each other for seven games. 

    I really thought this was the year the Sharks would break free from their past horrors and make a serious run at the Cup. They proved me, and millions of others, just how wrong we were. Again.

    With the LA Kings going all 2010 Flyers on Jumbo Joe and the rest of Sharks Nation, now more than ever before, heads will roll in San Jose. Expect coach Todd McClellan to get the ax. The roster is a different story, however. The Sharks have some serious long-term money, and years, on the books. For example, Joe Thornton ($6.75 million), Patrick Marleau ($6.6 million) and Brent Burns ($5.76 million) are all signed through the 2017-18 season. Joe Pavelski ($6 million) and Logan Coture ($6 million) are signed through 2019-20. 


    Philadelphia Flyers @ New York Rangers: 1 - 2, New York wins the series 4 - 3

    Minnesota Wild @ Colorado Avalanche: 5 - 4, Minnesota wins the series 4 - 3

    Los Angeles Kings @ San Jose Sharks: 5 - 1, Los Angeles wins the series 4 - 3