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    Round 2 recap: Pens take 2-1 series lead over the Rags, Kings go up 2-0 on the Ducks

    And you thought the Bruins had a bad power-play...
    New York's awful power-play has reached a new level of suck (via ESPN.com)

    The New York Rangers have taken futility to a whole new level of suck, as they have racked up their powerless power-play streak to a ridiculous 34 straight unconverted chances.

    The Bruins historically bad 2011 power-play unit set the standard for how painful the man-advantage can be. Through the first three rounds of the tournament, Boston went 5-61 (8.2%) on the power-play, including an 0-21 streak vs the Habs in Round 1, marking the first time a team had ever won a playoff series without scoring a single power-play goal.

    During the Stanley Cup Final vs the Vancouver Canucks, the pucks suddenly started to fly into the net, as the B's went 5-27 (18.5%) in the seven game series en route to clinching the Stanley Cup. Better late then never.

    As for the Rangers in 2014, things are getting much closer to both 'late' and 'never.' New York has fallen behind in the series, and the anemic power-play is both setting records and damning their season to hell.

    Across the country, the can't-kill-'em-unless-you-pull-a-double-tap Los Angeles Kings are continuing to ramble on, as their 3-1 win over their crosstown rivals the Anaheim Ducks was their sixth win a row and gave them a 2-0 series lead.

    After coming back from an 0-3 series deficit vs the Sharks, the Kings have proceeded to right the ship and remind everyone that they were the Stanley Cup champs just two seasons ago.

    Pittsburgh Penguins @ New York Rangers: 2 - 0, Pittsburgh leads the series 2 - 1

    Los Angeles Kings @ Anaheim Ducks: 3 - 1, Los Angeles leads the series 2 - 0