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    What ticked off Lucic in the handshakes? Don Cherry says it was Andrei Markov

    Former Bruins coach and now hockey analyst Don Cherry has always seemingly had Boston's back whenever they come up in conversation on Hockey Night in Canada, which is probably reason #1 why many Canadians can't stand his eccentric and very loud personality.

    On last nigh'ts Coach's Corner, Cherry touched on the handshake line following the Habs and the Bruins, as he had pondered for days why Lucic was so pissed off at Dale Weise and Alexi Emelin. Cherry surmised that Lucic wasn't fuming just for any old reason, never mind just losing Game 7, and he took a look back at the video and said it was Habs defenseman Andrei Markov who set #17 off.

    Skip ahead to the 6:03 mark

    It's pretty evident that Markov broke the sacred code of the handshake line and told Lucic something after he passed, prompting Looch to turn back and probably send an "F*** you" his way. Now, Lucic is totally pissed and proceeds to take out his boiling anger on Weise and Emelin, two people he utterly despises.

    I wonder if Markov will receive the same scathing criticism that Lucic did! I mean, he said something inappropriate in the handshake line! I know it seems impossible with these being the Canadiens, but as it turns out, the Habs were just as disrespectful as the Bruins!

    Or it could back up the very evident fact that other things are said in the handshake line besides "good game."

    [photo via nydailynews.com]