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    Patrice Bergeron wins the NHL 15 cover vote

    Your new EA Sports NHL cover athlete (via espn.com)

    Tonight at the NHL Awards, Patrice Bergeron will be named winner of the EA Sports NHL cover vote, according to Greg Wyshynski and RDS.

    Is there a more deserving man to represent the NHL on the cover of this game? The correct answer is no. Patrice Bergeron has every quality you want in a professional athlete; he is a hard working player who always strives to improve his well-rounded game. He proved his passion and commitment to hockey by battling back into the league after suffering two major concussions that could have ended his career, as well as playing a gutsy Stanley Cup Final performance with a laundry list of injuries.

    Also, the stats don't lie. 495 points in 659 career games isn't too shabby for a player known more for his defensive abilities. Bergeron is a winner at all levels, becoming a member of the Triple Gold Club in 2011 after winning the Stanley Cup. Bergeron will be leaving Vegas with the honor of being the cover athlete of NHL 15, and hopefully another Selke Trophy.

    Fantastic work, Bruins fans, and congratulations to Bergy.