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    AHL implementing new overtime format

    The AHL announced some new rule changes for the upcoming season, including a new format for overtime.

    This new format will implement the much discussed 3-on-3 play. Here's how it's going to work: Overtime will now be seven minutes long. It will start 4-on-4 for the first three minutes. After the first whistle following three minutes of play, the ice will be "dry scraped", and 3-on-3 begins for the remainder of overtime. If the game is still tied, then a shootout will determine the winner.

    I am all for this move. Anything to reduce shootouts is fine in my book. There's nothing I hate more than watching a tight, hard-fought game get decided by a skills competition. And how crazy will 3-on-3 be? There will be so much open ice that there will be tons of scoring chances and opportunities for exciting plays. The NHL should keep a close eye on this new format, as they could implement it as well if it works out well.

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