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    BL Poll: Should the NHL keep the shootout?

    As we announced in our earlier post by Mark Garbino (@garbino42), the AHL has implemented a new overtime format that consists of both 4-on-4, 3-on-3, and a shootout.

    Naturally, it's pretty safe to assume that they'll test it out at the minor league level, and then consider bringing it up the the NHL.

    Annnddddd so it brings up the discussion again... should the NHL keep the shootout?

    Everyone here probably already knows that I'm against the shootout. It's seems ridiculous that a sport that relies on a team-effort as much as hockey does should be decided by a silly skills competition.

    Hint hint, they don't do it in the playoffs... Why? Because it's not a fair way to decide the game. I'd go so far as to call it outrageous.

    So, ignoring the paragraph above, let us know what you think about the shootout in the poll below, and as usual, leave a comment in the section below explaining why you chose what you did.

    What should the NHL do about the shootout?
    Keep it how it is
    Keep it, but make overtime longer
    Get rid of it
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