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    What's Bruin' in the morning?

    Day three of NHL free agency has come and gone. Less happened in day three than the first two days of free agency but it was still a moderately eventful day. It was a day that provided a lot of reflection for NHL fans and more time for Bruins fans to grow weary.

    Bruins News:
    - NOTHING!!! YAY!!! Well hey, this at least means the Bruins didn't do anything bad either, right?

    NHL News:
    - Steve Downie has promised to protect Sidney Crosby and Evegeni Malkin saying that he can "guarantee there won’t be any liberties on those players this year.” All fear the mighty and powerful Steve Downie.

    -  Former Buffalo Sabres GM Regier was named new Assistant GM of the Coyotes.

    - The Toronto Maple Leafs signed center Mike Santorelli to a 1 year $1.5 million dollar deal.

    - According to reports the Ottawa Senators are talking to the Philadelphia Flyers about trading for Vincent Lecavalier.

    - The Carolina Hurricanes brought back Tim Gleason, who they traded to Toronto mid-season, by signing him to a 1 year $1.2 million dollar deal.