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    Max Talbot to the rescue?

    Talbot leading the stretch after this mornings practice. Via NHL Bruins

    Max Talbot is now a member of the Boston Bruins. An interesting trade deadline acquisition by Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli, to say the least. While the majority of Bruins fans were looking to land a bigger fish, this move does ultimately make sense.

    Taking a look at this addition, for it's worth, you can see how big of an upgrade it is over Jordan Caron. Caron just wasn't going to stick here and it's a credit to Chiarelli that he was able to move him for a player like Talbot. Although he has been a bottom 6 forward for the majority of his career, that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

    Talbot, in his 10th year in the NHL, is known around the league as a "glue" guy. He's a well-respected grinder, and he's been to the top of the mountain, winning a Stanley Cup with the Pittsburgh Penguins in 2009. Talbot scored both goals in game 7 of the '09 finals to seal the deal.

    As this season has gone on, something has been lacking on the 4th line that needed to be addressed.

    A 4th line is called upon to inject energy and cause havoc out on the ice. The 4th line this season hasn't been consistently bringing that effort, night in and night out. The 4th line becomes even more important in the playoffs. Now, this isn't 2009, Talbot is obviously much older, but he is a veteran guy who has been there and done that. He will play the body, work hard, and he'll even bring a much needed scoring touch to that line. He's a character guy, he knows his role and he plays it well.

    Now, if that isn't a ringing endorsement from a future Hall of Fame player, I don't know what is. If Talbot can provide half of this high praise, we can all agree that would be a huge bonus for this team going forward.

    Gregory Campbell did skate this morning, rotating in on the merlot line. Although he is currently listed as a center, Talbot is versatile and can play any forward position. Once Campbell is back, look for Talbot to maybe slot in on the right side, opposite Daniel Paille on the left.

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