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    Kelly Olynyk inadvertently reveals Dougie Hamilton’s injury

    Getty Images

    Ever since Dougie Hamilton was injured and was projected to be out “indefinitely,” Bruins fans didn’t hear much from the organization about the extent of the injury itself. It looks like we may have an answer to that question, and it came from the unlikeliest of sources.

    Kelly Olynyk, a center for the Boston Celtics, is good friends with Dougie Hamilton, being Canadian boys and playing in Boston. Last night, he played with a bruised, swollen eye in the Celtics’ win against the Indiana Pacers, and he sure looked like Frankenstein doing it (see above). At the end of the game, the eye was so swollen that it was shut completely, making it more amazing that he had such a good performance on the court with 19 points.

    People wondered why he played in the first place. Playoff hunt aside, he cited another reason that came as a bit of a shocker for Bruins fans:

    “Yeah, but I remember two days ago I was talking to Dougie Hamilton. I was texting Dougie Hamilton, and he told me that he broke his ribs and he was trying to come back before the playoffs. And I was like, ‘Man, I can’t sit out. He’s going to rip me.” - via CBS

    The Bruins organization probably didn’t see that coming. Perhaps they might have a talk with Kelly Olynyk sometime soon. The Bruins are pretty tight knit when it comes to injury details, so this may have upset them a bit.

    On an important note, it’s good to know what Dougie Hamilton is dealing with. Broken ribs are very painful and the healing time may vary on the severity of the fracture. The positive note here is that he aims to be back before the playoffs, which would mean a return within the next two weeks. Hopefully, he heals quickly.

    Until then, Kelly Olynyk will have to watch what he says. And let’s hope that eye heals up soon, for his personal life’s sake.

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