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    NHL Betting Picks by Mybookie.ag: Bruins, Panthers headline two huge Atlantic matchups

    he Boston Bruins will face the Panthers soon and fight for the last playoffs spot in the East. What will happen we can only guess, but there's certainly going to be a lot of sparks and steam. Let the NHL betting begin! Find out who is NHL betting favorite for the upcoming games here.

    Florida Panthers at Boston Bruins

    If you love regular season and want a playoff-like atmosphere, then the game between these two iconic teams is the best you can get. Even though they're 4 points behind the Bruins, they managed to hang around for a lot longer than many have anticipated and they have a good chance at claiming that last spot in the playoffs. With 6 games to go though and trailing by 3 points, the Bruins still have a chance to catch the Detroit Red Wings for the 3rd spot in the Atlantic Division. The faceoff between these two teams will greatly impact the race for that last playoffs spot and there's a lot that can happen in 2 weeks time.

    New York Rangers at Winnipeg Jets

    While their games were pretty impeccable lately, the Jets lost to the Chicago Blackhawks on Sunday and their hopes of making it in the playoffs are suddenly at risk. There's now only a 2 point difference between them and the LA Kings, making the Kings a lot more able at catching the Jets compared to the Calgary Flames who managed to score another win on Monday. It's quite a strange position for the Jets, considering they won 6 of the 8 matches they played in this season. If they can win against the Rangers, the Jets can make things a lot easier for themselves.

    Vancouver Canucks at Nashville Predators

    The Predators lost with a disappointing 5-2 against the Flames on Sunday and their 4 game winning streak finally came to a halt. However, that is a stretch which created quite the distance between them and their rivals at the Central Division. The Predators are currently 4 points ahead of the Blackhawks and lead the Blues by 3 points.

    On the other hand, the Canucks are getting closer and closer to that 2nd place in the Pacific Division and are 2 points ahead of The Flames. Given the odds they're playing against, both teams should put up quite an interesting fight in the upcoming match.

    Ottawa Senators at Detroit Red Wings
    Since the Bruins are starting to pull away, the Detroit Red Wings feel like it's their chance to claim a spot into the playoffs. While they do lead the Bruins by 3 points, they only won 3 games out of the total of 10 they played. Meanwhile, The Senators need to catch up by 3 points on the Bruins and while they're at it, they also need to make sure they do everything they can to leave the Florida Panthers behind.

    In the Florida - Boston Bruins game, both the Red Wings and The Senators clench their fists and hope for the Panthers to win, since it would make things a lot easier for them. As for The Senators, they absolutely need to win against the Red Wings unless they want to fall further behind. Scoring a win these seasons at the Joe Louis Arena seems like an impossible feat for the Sens, but they need to find a way to win or else they won't afford dreaming of playing in the playoffs.