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    Torey Krug Is On The Blues. And Bruins Fans Have Them.

    Well, we knew this moment was coming. 

    Torey Krug is gone. But did it have to be the Blues? Look, there are a couple undeniable facts here. Torey Krug was a vital part of the post-2011 Cup-winning Bruins. We knew that the financial situation of the team made retaining him a very long shot, and we were prepared to wish him well. Look, we DO wish him well. But here's another undeniable fact: it kinda stings that it's St Louis, the same St. Louis team that came into Boston on game seven of the Stanley Cup Final on June the 12th of 2019, weathered the storm in the first period, got great goaltending, buried a couple of late chances and partied on our lawn.

    Look, it's not the worst thing that could have happened. I mean, he's not Torey Krug, new defenseman for the Montreal Canadiens. He's not Torey Krug, new powerplay quarterback for the Toronto Maple Leafs. He's not Torey Krug, new son-in-law to Ulf Samuelsson. (Not sure the last thing was even possible, but 2020 has sucked. I wouldn't rule ANYTHING out at this point.) 

    It's especially bittersweet to lose Krug to one of the two teams that beat the Bruins in a Stanley Cup Final post 2011 (the other being the 2013 Blackhawks) because as Krug leaves, it's hard not to imagine that with his departure, father time catching up with Chara, and Tuukka Rask's future unclear ,that the window for a championship with this core group is growing ever smaller. 

    But for now, the best thing to do, and the right thing to do is to import Torey Krug into that exclusive club that includes Milan Lucic, Marcus Johansson, Blake Wheeler, Anton Khudobin and more- the "wish em well ex-Bruins" club. Thanks for your service Torey, and you'll always get a nice ovation in the Garden. You know, unless it's in another game seven in the Stanley Cup Final.  

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