Seguin's Dream Comes True

Recently extended Bruins Brad Marchand and Tyler Seguin
First off I apologize for not getting this post up earlier as I have been in class all morning. Anyways, extending on yesterday's blog, sources say that the Bruins have extended Tyler Seguin until the 2018-2019 season on a 6 year contract worth $34.5 million ($5.75 million per year. This contract is an exact replica of Jeff Skinner's extension given to him by the Carolina Hurricanes earlier this off season and falls a tad short of the 7 year $6 million per season given to Taylor Hall by the Edmonton Oilers.
With the Bruins off season being rather dull (besides Thomas taking the year off), the Bruins have invested a great deal of money in two highly skilled players during the past week. (The other being Brad Marchand)
All in all this is an excellent decision by the Bruins front office, as they extended a player who could potentially be the next superstar for less than $6 million a season. Now we have to hope Seguin plays up to that contract and doesn't falter off like we saw with the Red Sox this past season.

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Credit to B16R3D23 for the video