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    A deeper look at 2013 schedule

    After the 2013 NHL schedule was released late on Saturday night, most puck heads rushed to their computers or iPhones to check out the match-ups.

    The first thing they probably noticed was during this shortened 48-game season, each respected conference would only be playing each other, saving the East vs. West matinee for the summer time.

    Next, they most likely moved onto seeing when their rivals were coming to town and how many times the two would face off (B's play MTL 2/6 by the way). But beyond that, it takes an imagination (or lack of a full-time job) to really crank out some interesting stats, heres my take:

    ~ The Bruins went 49-29-4 last season, 38-23-3 of that was against their upcoming '13 opponents.

    ~ They play 19 games (39.5% of their sched.) vs their Northeast Divisions foes, last season they went an NHL best 19-4-1 against their division.

    ~ They will play 11 games that are televised on either NBC or NBC Sports Network.

    ~ Their longest home stand is four games (4/15-4/21) and their longest road trip is five games (2/15-2/26).

    ~ The Bruins will play six back-to-backs this season, last year they went 9-4-0 in the second game of a B2B. In those 13 games they outscored their opponents 51-35.

    ~ Surprisingly the B's played their worst last season against the Southeastern Conference (worst div. in NHL), going 7-12-1. This season they will play 15 games (31.3% of sched.) against the SE.

    Those are just some stats to look into as we all patiently wait for Saturday. Have a good night everyone.

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