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    Update: Shawn Thornton concussed, wIll miss 7-10 days

    News coming out regarding 4th Liner Shawn Thornton is that he suffered a concussion during the fight with Buffalo Sabres' goon John Scott and is expected to miss 7-10 days.

    As I have been saying in the previous posts, Scott is 6'8" 270lbs, Thornton is 6'2" 216lbs. A 44 pound 6 inch difference. Also a note to point out, Scott only got 4:28 of ice time last night and 7 penalty minutes, clearly Buffalo coach Lindy Ruff put him out there to beat someone up and he did just that.

    Loosing Thornton is not that big of deal during the early part of the season. He has yet to surpass 7 minutes of game time this season, but does have one goal. Thornton is basically in there to beat someone up and grit and grind his ass off.

    With Thornton out the Bruins will have to rely on some of the AHL players to step up. There are only 4 games during the 10 day stretch, at Toronto (2/2), at Montreal (2/6), Tampa (2/9), and at Buffalo (2/10). The Bruins have a lot of rest days this week, so they should be fine if they continue to play like they did in the previous 6 games before last night's disaster.

    I wish Thornton a speedy recovery, and hope they don't rush him back, because as we have seen with the Bruins over the past years, concussions are a serious matter.