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    Swedish IHF Doing Their Best Jay Feaster Impression

    Carl Soderberg's Release Denied

    The Boston Bruins agreed to a deal, and in the last few hours something has gone haywire and they are left in the dust. Sound familiar? Just two days after it was reported first by Kirk Luedeke of the New England Hockey Journal, it seems the Soderberg to Boston deal has hit quite a snag.

     Kevin Paul Dupont tweeted out his understanding of the situation...

    We all know one thing: the Swedish IHF is trying like hell to keep Soderberg in Sweden. They want him in the country and to play in the World Championships coming up in May. And where are the games being played? You guessed it, in Sweden. So it seems the SIHF is playing some hardball with the Big Bad Bruins. Question is, what comes of it? Will Soderberg be released and allowed to join the Bruins in the coming days? Or will this saga last into early-summer? It would seem rather trivial for him to join the Bruins after the WC's have concluded, as mid-May would put the playoff race almost to the Eastern Conference Finals. And I'll bet everything I own that Claude Julien would never drop an unproven Soderberg (or anyone) right in the middle of a playoff series with everything on the line.

    The obvious idea was to get Soderberg in a Black and Gold sweater to play a handful of games before the regular season ends on April 27. Beyond that was a gamble, as a smooth transition for European players (bigger ice sheet, faster pace, ect.) into the NHL game is never guaranteed, especially with only a small batch of games to work with. Regardless, his presence (if everything we've heard about him is true) could certainly be helpful to the team.

    So now what? Lets see if the SIHF will stick to their guns and continue to deny Soderberg's jettison to the States. The Bruins season won't be shot if Soderberg doesn't make it to TD Garden. It will suck, but it won't be the end of world. Lets see who blinks first.