Habs and Senators Get at It

These playoffs have been great so far, and Montreal and Ottawa added some more fun earlier this evening as tempers started flaring and a full out brawl emerged. Ottawa went on to destroy Montreal 6-1 to take a 2-1 series lead. If Ottawa wins this series, it will take a weight off the shoulders of the Bruins  if they move on, as they won't have to play Pittsburgh in round 2 (that's if NY Islanders lose the series).

Montreal got pretty flustered after falling behind 3-1 late in the third, and initiated a brawl. Ottawa scored 8 seconds later to extend the lead 4-1 before tallying two more. As time winded down a Montreal player shot the puck directly towards an Ottawa player, clearly these two teams hate each other.

Here's the video below, thanks to Masshole sports for the link