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    Seguin struggles against the Maple Leafs

    Last night the Boston Bruins took a 3-1 series lead over the Toronto Maple Leafs despite Tyler Seguin. The guy who had hockey fans in Boston frothing at the mouth like rabid skunks in 2010 has begun to reveal himself as something of, well, a dud when it comes to the playoffs. So far, against the Leafs, Seguin has 0 points. Zero goals. Zero assists. 18 shots on goal. In last nights win the Boston Bruins registered 45 shots on James Reimer. Tyler Seguin had 1 shot on goal. Compare that to his line mates Patrice Bergeron, who had a goal on seven shots, and Brad Marchand, who registered the assist on Bergeron's goal and had 3 shots on goal. Even Rich "High Glass" Peverley registered 2 shots on net last night.

    Seguins frustration is obvious but I simply cannot feel bad the guy. I swear if I have to watch number 19 attempt to cut to the middle and then shoot directly into Reimer's chest from the high slot one more goddamn time I'm gonna pour table salt into my right eye. Then, whenever the guy attempts to set up shop in the slot someone wearing blue and white drops him like you drop a red-headed step-child. Simply put, Tyler Seguin has not only been a non-factor for the Boston Bruins but also for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

    The fact that his time-on-ice has actually gone up over the past four game causes grey matter to leak from my ears.  Dig this: In game one Tyler Seguin spent 16:30 on the ice with goose eggs across the board. Game two: 18 minutes, 51 seconds spent on the ice. No points recorded. Game three: only 15 minutes, 21 seconds on the ice but that is on account of a two-minute minor he took. No points recorded. Game four, last night, Tyler Seguin spent 20 minutes, 58 seconds on the ice. 1 shot on net. Zero points recorded.

    These mind bloggling stats lead to one of two conclusions. One: Claude sees effort and, despite this being the goddamn NHL playoffs, is giving Seguin all the time in the world to break through. Two: Julien is refusing to shuffle the lines and is hoping against hope that Bergeron and Marchand will bring out the best in Seguin. I'm just not at all comfortable with either of those circumstances. Not at all.

    I really believe the only thing that would light a fire under number 19's ass is a demotion to the third line. His play as of right now is a perfect fit for that train wreck. Promote Jaromir Jagr for a game or two. Jagr is just languishing on that line with Kelly and Peverley and it's really getting difficult to watch. Jagr had pretty good chemistry and Marchand earlier this year, a fact that may break his scoring drought.

    The Bruins have brought a 3-1 series lead back home despite Tyler Seguin's inability to finish. If the status quo continues, it's going to hurt them when it counts the most. Either #19 has to nut up and grind one out or step aside for someone who can finish.